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FREE WEBINAR: Improving Financing Opportunities and Terms through Patent Evaluation

Young companies and startups in particular, companies with key technologies or research-driven companies often cannot boast strong sales figures, tangible assets or impressive balance sheet figures. Accordingly, access to capital is usually difficult. The value of these companies lies in their intangible assets, which include know-how, designs, copyrights, trademarks and especially patents. Among intangible assets, the latter are those with the highest materialization potential: They can be sold, licensed or lent, for example.

Accordingly, the determination of the value of these intangible assets is playing an increasingly important role.

In this webinar, different methodological approaches are briefly presented. Different case studies will be shown, which can be used to understand a value determination - and their outcome in term of financing. The case studies shown are from real customer projects in which, for example, the financing of the company was at stake and in which patents accordingly played a decisive role.

This free webinar is a MUST for companies that hold or want to apply for patents and/or utility models, for inventors who are thinking about selling their patents, for start-ups who are thinking about equity financing and of course for investors who are thinking about using patents as collateral or who want to know their value in the context of a company valuation. There are 2 optional dates to choose (see below).

Save the date:

Friday, 19th February 2021 3 PM CET


Friday, 5th March 2021 3 PM CET

Please register here, the webinar is free of charge.


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