Today, the major part of the value of a company - on average over 80% - consists of intangible assets. Patents are among the "most tangibles among the intangibles": they can be borrowed, sold, licensed, for example. Companies use them to protect innovations from imitation and as a strategic instrument to keep competitors out of the market or to ensure a strategic balance of power.

Accordingly, patents also allow a deep insight into the R&D activities of companies and reveal much about the planned future and potential capabilities. However, this requires a quality measurement or, even better, a value assessment in order to obtain reliable information. The sustainability efforts of companies can also be supported, substantiated or questioned with patent value analyses.

Our Patent-Insider-Blog compiles interesting information, tips, news and hints extracted from patent values for you.


CORA Patent project launched – new technical indicator for investors. And the first "Patent Ban

The new research project "CORA Patent" has started. The kick-off meeting in Vienna was a great success and showed the huge interest of all the involved partners. The project is co-financed by the European Commission and aims to mash-up patent value indicators with additional indicators known and applied by the financial sector. The aim is to enable new prognosis models hereof and to embed these into a certain software environment e.g. in order to be able to simulate and backtest them. Also it is planned to enhance the patent valuation process itself by calculating a liquidation value of a certain patent family. These represent a lower watermark for a patents’ market value taking into account

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