Today, the major part of the value of a company - on average over 80% - consists of intangible assets. Patents are among the "most tangibles among the intangibles": they can be borrowed, sold, licensed, for example. Companies use them to protect innovations from imitation and as a strategic instrument to keep competitors out of the market or to ensure a strategic balance of power.

Accordingly, patents also allow a deep insight into the R&D activities of companies and reveal much about the planned future and potential capabilities. However, this requires a quality measurement or, even better, a value assessment in order to obtain reliable information. The sustainability efforts of companies can also be supported, substantiated or questioned with patent value analyses.

Our Patent-Insider-Blog compiles interesting information, tips, news and hints extracted from patent values for you.


New study: Fintech – the hidden champions from patent value perspective

The basic idea of this study is to identify the most interesting companies in the fintech industry by valuating their intellectual property portfolio, namely patents and utility models. This will be achieved by compiling a comprehensive list of fintech companies, evaluation of their patents and utility models and comparison and benchmarking in their respective sector. The IPvalue trend is a good indicator to show on one hand the current status of a company (you will need a lot of resources to file, get in force and counter fight your patents) and on the other hand it is a leading indicator, showing possible future products and systems (the average time of patents being found in real product

Patent protection in the cloud - Microsoft allows access to the 1/6 part of its patent portfolio for

At the end of last week Microsoft has presented the innovate solution for minimizing risks of patent infringement for its customers. Azure IP Advantage makes 10,000 Microsoft patents available to the Azure users. Presenting the new program[1], Brad Smith, Microsoft president, underlines the growing legal risks in the sphere of cloud businesses and the necessity of changing this situation. The US software company explains in its blog: “We want software developers to be able to focus on coding, and businesses and enterprises to be able to respond to the changing needs of their customers with agility without worrying about lawsuits.”[2] According to the conversation between Erich Anderson, Mi

Webinar - February 8th, 2017: Patent valuation methodologies for companies and entrepreneurs

This Webinar is still available online for registered BrightTalk users: Dear Patent and IP professionals, we would like to announce the free online webinar about the patent valuation methods, which will be organized by PatSnap on this Wednesday at 16:00 (GMT) / 11:00 (ET). The speaker, Dr. Dierk-Oliver Kiehne, CEO of InTraCoM, will discuss, why does it matter to valuate patents and what are the appropriate methods for it. You can find more information here: Registration:

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