Today, the major part of the value of a company - on average over 80% - consists of intangible assets. Patents are among the "most tangibles among the intangibles": they can be borrowed, sold, licensed, for example. Companies use them to protect innovations from imitation and as a strategic instrument to keep competitors out of the market or to ensure a strategic balance of power.

Accordingly, patents also allow a deep insight into the R&D activities of companies and reveal much about the planned future and potential capabilities. However, this requires a quality measurement or, even better, a value assessment in order to obtain reliable information. The sustainability efforts of companies can also be supported, substantiated or questioned with patent value analyses.

Our Patent-Insider-Blog compiles interesting information, tips, news and hints extracted from patent values for you.


Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement between the EU and Canada (CETA)

© fotolia. Possible overperfomers in stock market (stoxx600 index) derived from patent activities of the companies. CETA in general CETA will bring opportunities to different branches in Canada and to the European Union. Studies[1] expect for Canada a boost in the field of raw materials like ore mining (Gold, Silver, non-ferrous, copper, nickel, lead etc.), in the food market (beef, pork, soybean, fish, seafood, corn, wheat etc.) while for Europe manufacturers of pharmaceuticals, medicine, engines, vehicles, machineries will receive benefits from CETA. Canada is a strong trade and investment partner for the European Union, a fact which is reflected throughout the agreement. CETA should unlea

Detailed view on Harman´s patent portfolio. What truly makes Harman so attractive for Samsung?

The spectacular $8.0 billion deal, the acquisition of Harman International Industries by Samsung, was widely discussed in public during the last week. Harman is a well-known brand for sound technology and speaker systems. One of the most often asked question was what is really Samsung buying, what technologies and intellectual properties make Harman so attractive? Samsung Electronics president Young Sohn has mentioned in his Interview to Forbes, “connected cloud, telematics, over-the-air updates and security” [1] are one the most attractive areas, which have influenced the decision about the acquisition. He has also noticed that Samsung has a vision of the future development of cars, which “

What specific technology represents a certain country?

© fotolia Watches are made in Switzerland, robots in Japan, software in the US-silicon-valley and the Netherlands is the bicycles-country. Is it that simple? Is there a certain technology-field that a certain country represents more than all others? What are “typical markets” in certain countries? Within a worldwide patent evaluation study this question was investigated and indeed there are technologies where in certain countries almost 90% of all patents worldwide are granted. These markets are very country-specific. And for these markets these technologies seem to play a very important role, which means from a patent point of view that inventions addressing these technologies must be grant

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