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Our article about Amazon´s most recent patents is published in the IPWatchdog blog!

Underwater storage, drones and a procedure for blocking online price comparisons – Amazon patents were frequently discussed during the last months. This was why we analyzed patent value trends of the certain IPC classes, these patents are filed in. One of our aims was to identify Amazon´s strategies.

We thank to IPWatchdog for interest on our article and for publishing it. Under the following link you can read the short analysis of Dr. Dierk-Oliver Kiehne:

Here is a short abstract of the article:

“The futuristic concepts of one of the largest and constantly growing US online retailer have been intensively discussed online during the last few months. No matter if the new inventions build the future of the retail, or whether they remain unrealized, it’s fascinating to analyze the intellectual property strategy of Amazon. This article examines some of the latest Amazon patents and the technology field they are in from a patent quality and patent value point of view.

At first sight Amazon’s patent portfolio is indeed remarkable, with respect to its total value as well as its development over time: the total value of the company’s patent portfolio shows a strong over-proportional growth within the past six years. Starting 2010 with about 550 patent families and € 130m, the patents have reached a total value in September 2016 an impressive total sum of € 1,15b with 4,162 alive patent families. For a company being recognized as a retailer this is indeed remarkable and shows the trend of being more and more a high tech company. This can be seen within their strong increase of total patent portfolio value but also the technical analysis...”

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