Today, the major part of the value of a company - on average over 80% - consists of intangible assets. Patents are among the "most tangibles among the intangibles": they can be borrowed, sold, licensed, for example. Companies use them to protect innovations from imitation and as a strategic instrument to keep competitors out of the market or to ensure a strategic balance of power.

Accordingly, patents also allow a deep insight into the R&D activities of companies and reveal much about the planned future and potential capabilities. However, this requires a quality measurement or, even better, a value assessment in order to obtain reliable information. The sustainability efforts of companies can also be supported, substantiated or questioned with patent value analyses.

Our Patent-Insider-Blog compiles interesting information, tips, news and hints extracted from patent values for you.


Qualcomm is undervalued – Broadcom wants to buy the competitor for $130 billion

$ 70 per Qualcomm share and approx. $ 25 billion of net debt: that's what Broadcom is willing to pay to buy the competitor against its will. In the new it is announced to become as the largest company acquisition in the semiconductor industry so far. Broadcom could become the third-largest chipmaker in the world Qualcomm develops wireless telecommunication technologies primarily for mobile devices such as smartphones or tablet computers. The company has more than 25.000 alive patent families and earns royalties for their use. Broadcom specializes in the production of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth chips. The merger could make Broadcom the third largest chip provider in the world behind Intel and Samsun

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