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CORA Patent project launched – new technical indicator for investors. And the first "Patent Ban

The new research project "CORA Patent" has started. The kick-off meeting in Vienna was a great success and showed the huge interest of all the involved partners. The project is co-financed by the European Commission and aims to mash-up patent value indicators with additional indicators known and applied by the financial sector. The aim is to enable new prognosis models hereof and to embed these into a certain software environment e.g. in order to be able to simulate and backtest them.

Also it is planned to enhance the patent valuation process itself by calculating a liquidation value of a certain patent family.

These represent a lower watermark for a patents’ market value taking into account that these have to be sold in a short period of time. The aim here is to use patents systematically as collateral for loans, which is currently done in very rare cases only and with huge value reductions. With this strategy also small companies with promising technologies and thereby hidden assets should be enabled to have a better access to finance. In this context a patent bank should be established within the consortium members. The patent bank is going to offer a certain and appropriate financing package based on the patent assets of a certain company that may also be used by other financial institutions.

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