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InTraCoM GmbH receives the Gamechanger Award 2022

InTraCoM receives its 4th award in 2022, but this time not (only) for its achievements in the patent valuation field, but for being the first company to perform detailed sustainability analyses based on patent analyses - with impressive detail. In 2019, for example, its process even became the first company to create detailed profiles of companies with patents on the basis of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. This also retrospectively, which allows precise developments and trends to be observed. For the past 2 years, it has itself presented the award for the patent-based sustainability champion. The good thing about the process is that it leaves virtually no room for so-called greenwashing - "Patents are the blueprint for a company's R&D efforts. Patent values, on the other hand, are the blueprint for presumed R&D success and thus innovation potential."

With the new method, which InTraCoM developed together with its partner, IPR-Strategies Ltd., it is even possible to derive statements on "social" and "governance" aspects via meta-analyses of patents. This makes it possible for the first time to cover the entire range of sustainability information using patents. At the same time, the procedure can certainly differentiate: The procedure also determines the sustainability "impact", i.e. the innovation potential, based on patent values on the one hand and the level of the sustainability contribution on the other. The advantage of this is that one does not have to rely on publications and representations of the companies themselves, but that patents reveal internal R&D information that indicates an active sustainability contribution (in the form of sustainable products and processes) - in contrast to passive sustainability contributions such as energy savings or emission reductions. A real "gamechanger" in the field of corporate sustainability analysis and documentation.

With this form of "forward looking sustainability analysis", as customers call it, a real unique position in the market could be created. This is not only of interest to capital management companies, research institutions, NGOs or industrial companies. For rating companies in particular, this is the missing component of a holistic sustainability view: the future, active sustainability innovation potential.

Individual sustainability profiles based on patents are created by InTraCoM on behalf of clients. Data sets on patent-based sustainability profiles are available via the partner IPR-Strategies Ltd. for all listed companies including their history.

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