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Andreas Zagos gladly accepted NASDAQ's invitation to the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), because such an on-site visit always offers the great opportunity to get an exclusive insight.

The opportunity was also used to talk about index design, other financial products as well as further selection strategies. In the cooperation with NASDAQ, patent value-based strategies are used to select stocks. The patent values are based on InTraCoM's valuation process and the strategies are developed by IPR-Strategies Ltd. a partner of InTraCoM.

NASDAQ has been working with IPR-Strategies since 2022 and designed its first index for it in the summer: The NCX (Nasdaq Innovators Completion Cap Index). Invesco has launched a first ETF for this, the Invesco NASDAQ Future Gen 200, ticker QQQS. This has been tradable since October and impresses with an outperformance that even exceeds the consistently positive expectations.


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