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Which country provides the most fertile soil for innovation? And for sustainability?

A country needs good inventors to create new innovations - certainly. But to turn an invention into an innovation, it takes much more, of course. Companies need to create an innovative environment for their employees and a country needs to create an innovative environment for companies.

Bloomberg has its own Innovation Index for this purpose, which ranks countries every year, taking various factors into account. The last Bloomberg ranking saw Korea in first place, the USA was not even in the top 10. The ranking was certainly influenced by Covid-19, but in any case, it is worth taking a look at the "output" of the respective innovation events - the patent values created by the companies and their dynamics in a short-term (1 year) and long-term (5 years) trend. Especially the enduring topic of sustainability seems to be very interesting in this context: Which country's companies apparently invest the most in innovation and sustainability and can also prove this with valuable patents? A study published today by InTraCoM answers this question with unexpected results. If you look at the trends in particular, one country stands out again and again: China. Even in the area of sustainability. Considering that patents are early indicators whose products, at least in the case of new applications, are not expected on the market for several years, and assuming a similar continuation of the trend like the last five years, a lot can still be expected from China - also and especially in the area of sustainability!

Click here for the study

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