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FREE WEBINAR: Patent valuation - methods, application and benefits

Individual inventors, young companies with patented key technologies or a research-driven company - a lot of money is usually invested in the application and granting of a patent. As intangible assets in the balance sheet, as a licensing object, as a financing instrument or simply as a commodity that one intends to sell, patents are first and foremost values. Determining the amount of this value, however, is often an insurmountable task for many.

In this webinar, different methodological approaches for the evaluation of patents and utility models will be briefly presented. Different typical, predestined use cases are described for each method. Various case studies are shown, which can be used to understand a value determination. The case studies shown are from real customer projects in which, for example, the financing of the company was at stake and in which the patents accordingly played a decisive role.

This free webinar is intended for patent attorneys, patent owners and interested parties who have already had to deal with patents and have already thought about their valuation.

Save the date:

Friday, 16th April 2021 3 PM CET

Duration: 30 min

Webinar will be in German

Please register here, the webinar is free of charge.


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