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3 Covid Vaccine Candidate Manufacturers - InTraCoM study unveils 3 facts you were never aware of

No other topic is shaping the current time like the Corona pandemic and a possible much longed-for vaccine. The patent situation is also currently the subject of controversial discussion. A new investigation of the InTraCoM GmbH shows three manufacturers with vaccine candidates, which are heading admision. It is interesting to note that only one of them is on the list of major pharmaceutical companies. The other two are young and ambitious.

In a study of the InTraCoM GmbH the three companies AstraZeneca, BioNtech and Moderna are compared with each other. The companies, which could not be more different in terms of their financial figures, are also fundamentally analyzed. Since all three companies are listed on the stock exchange, a company valuation based on their market capitalization is quickly done. But how, for example, can a company with an annual renenue of €50 million and a loss of just under half a billion be worth an incredible €31 billion, which is almost a quarter of the value of an established, profitable Astrazeneca, which has a turnover of €22 billion and a profit of €1 billion? The analysis of the patents and their values provides interesting indications of this.

Click here to be directed to the study.


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