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"Patent Valuation Service Provider of the Year 2019": 6 times awarded

InTraCoM GmbH has already received two awards from various magazines of different disciplines in 2019. Now six more are added.

"regarding our public perception, we were very surprised by 2019 ourselves," says CEO Dr. Dierk-Oliver Kiehne. So far, InTraCoM GmbH, headquartered in Bonn/Germany, has already received 14 awards: Three years in a row it was awarded as outstanding and most innovative service provider in the field of patent evaluation by different journals. "We were particularly pleased that we are now attracting attention in completely different specialist areas, precisely where our work has the highest value and where we are being used more and more," continued Kiehne. Accordingly, the new Excellence Awards that InTraCoM has received in the past two months come from specialist magazines in the fields of "Law" ("Lawyers', "ACQ5-Law" and "Lawyer International Legal 100"), "Finance" ("Worldwide Financial Advisors'), "Mergers & Acquisitions" ("M&A Today") and "Investments and Private Equity" ("Global Venture"). This covers to a large extent those areas in which the InTraCoM Group is primarily active. Especially in the area of corporate financing - be it through bank loans or participations - patents are becoming increasingly important as a new asset class, says Kiehne.

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