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Two more awards in 2019 for InTraCoM GmbH

2018 was a very successful year for InTraCoM GmbH. "After many new customers, new projects and a lot of challenging new projects, we won five awards at the same time, and that completely unexpectedly," says Dr. Dierk-Oliver Kiehne, Managing Director of InTraCoM. And according to Kiehne, 2019 began as 2018 ended: with two new awards. "We again won the Corporate INTL Award in the patent evaluation category as 'Patent Valuation Service Provider Of The Year in Germany' and immediately afterwards the Corporate Excellence Award as 'Most Outstanding Service Provider 2019 Germany' for the first time," says Kiehne.

Search for patent infringers

Thus, InTraCoM GmbH was again honoured for its strong commitment to promote intellectual property and its values: As Kiehne explains, InTraCoM not only helps with the evaluation of patents and utility models, but also searches specifically for potential patent infringers.

"We use a systematic, very structured search procedure in which the individual claims of a patent are translated into potential product, process or service features," he explains. With enormous success rates: About every third patent examined found potential infringers during the search.

Kiehne: "In most cases this leads directly to licence agreements or a sale of the patent. On the one hand, the intellectual performance of the inventor is thus honored, and on the other hand, it is put to monetary use.". The evaluation of a property right always plays an important role in this context.

Patents as hedging instruments for financing projects

Another strong commitment of InTraCoM, according to Kiehne, is the use of patents within corporate finance. "Here we are collaborating with other international partners on a concept where good patents are used as collateral within corporate finance activities. Both private investors and the European Investment Bank will play an important role in financing of innovative companies and projects.

Of course, the independent, fast, cost-effective and reliable evaluation of patents by InTraCoM plays a central role here as well. "Another important factor is the fact that our procedure allows the prediction of a potential liquidation value," says Kiehne. "The purchase price of a patent that can be realized in the event of insolvency is, so to say, the lowest collateral value to be recognized".

According to Kiehne, InTraCoM is also active in the field of start-ups: "We particularly want to facilitate access to capital for young, innovative SMEs - according to studies, these financing challenges are still one of the biggest obstacles to innovation in Europe in the past years".

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