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InTraCoM Group at the Global IP Finance Conference 2018

At the Global IP Finance Conference in Seoul/Korea June 29th 2018 InTraCoM GmbH introduced the new ways and procedures for Patent Valuation in different financing scenarios.

Korea is a known worldwide pioneer in using patents as collateral and as an instrument in general for financing as well as early stage indicator for seed financing.

Accordingly the interest was huge for the conference where only invited guests of politics, authorities, NGO and Capital Management Companies were able participate. With 370 participants the conference was way higher frequented as expected. It shows the common rising interest in this field in Korea.

CEO Dr. Dierk-Oliver Kiehne presented here different approaches for patent valuation, pros and cons and also gave feedback of the daily work in the field of M&A as well as company financing field where patents are used e.g. as collateral (patent based loans) or as growth indicator for private equity financing. As a specialist for patent valuation also being able to calculating a liquidation value without using a typical simple haircut, InTraCoM was able to impress with it’s indicator based valuation model that is also able to deliver an industry-, technology- and application specific liquidation value.

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