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Sustainable companies preferred

The German government has adopted a new economic stimulus package. Companies in the field of electromobility and battery cells will benefit most.

In addition to a reduction in value-added tax, municipal subsidies and one-off grants for children, sustainability and in particular electromobility are to be promoted more strongly through further subsidies for the purchase of electric cars (so-called "innovation premium"). Furthermore, 2.5 billion euros will be invested in the expansion of the charging point infrastructure and the promotion of research and development in the field of electromobility and battery cell production (source: Federal Government).

Anyone wishing to establish and expand their activities and, accordingly, their sustainability efforts in this area should take a look at the patent market: Here, patents are often redistributed these times (patent purchases and sales) as a result of changes in business areas, e.g. in battery cell production.

An interesting and very valuable patent portfolio is this field is currently available for exploitation:

The patent portfolio, which consists of 5 different patent families, originates from the field of Li-Ion cells with their cost-effective, weight-optimised, modular design, cooling/thermal management, connection/assembly, which was originally applied for by a large German automotive supplier, which has since abandoned the field of battery cell production.

Now, this portfolio is offered for sale against a bid.

Interested parties can request the exposé directly from InTraCoM GmbH:


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