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InTraCoM wins again Award 2018: „Patent valuation service provider of the year in Germany“

After having been awarded in 2017 as "Patent Valuation Firm of the year 2017" by the Corporate Live Wire Magazine, this year InTraCoM Group was awarded now again. The Corporate Intl Magazine has chosen InTraCoM as the winner of the 2018 Corporate Intl Magazine Global Award: ‘Patent Valuation Service Provider of the Year in Germany’.

Corporate INTL’s annual awards mark excellence for the world’s leading advisers and financiers globally, awarding the leading and expert advisers from around the world. It is independently judged to ensure the very best advisers are chosen for each award category. It promotes leading advisers from every corner of the world.

The high efficient, reliable and software as a service (SAAS) implemented patent valuation methodology using an indicator-based market analogy method resulting into a high prognosis reliability maturing into high customer satisfaction was one important criteria. Also publishing-measures on how- to use this methodologies like e.g. 14 free webinars in 2017 for patent attorneys, VC and Capital Management Companies as well as the “Patent-Insider” Blog that was offering information of the most press related topics from a patent value inside perspective. Some additional highlights of the past year:

  • blog article "Ten most frequent mistakes when doing patent valuation" has reached the highest amount of views ever so far

  • InTraCoM won a big European Call where patent values are used for a fundamental company rating in terms of their innovation abilty. Patent value related indicators are used here for certain financial prognosis-products.

  • InTraCoM finalized big research project where a SAAS-platform for patent valuations and patent utilisation had been successfully developed.

CEO Dierk-Oliver Kiehne: “We are extremely proud being awarded now again, the second time within 2 years by an independent organisation and jury. This indicates the high constancy of our high quality and the sustained positive feedback from our customers."

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