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Patent valuation is our world. Our deep patent and patent value knowledge enables us to look behind the scenes of essential decisions and spectacular publications on the worldwide market (as long as these are somehow IP (intellectual property)-related or IP driven). We try to make those publications transparent for our readers and show some additional patent-insider information where the public has no direct access to. We are using the most modern and effective software solutions for patent valuation and business information of our affiliates and partners. So we are able to valuate patent portfolios of the involved companies, persons or even economies.


Patent insider is focused on creating a new point of view for understanding the actual role of IP, driving economic developments and becoming a strategic instrument on the current market.


Our aim is to show the benefit of knowing the value of IP. Being a major part within the intangible fixed assets of a corporation, which are determining more than 80% of a company value, nowadays it is difficult to understand why many companies still do not know the value of their own patents or those of their competitors even though they easily could. 


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February 24, 2020

AVCO - (Austrian Private Equity and Venture Capital Organisation) and  InTraCoM GmbH invite interested investors, representatives of VC companies, M&A companies, quantitative analysts to an information breakfast and networking.

Dienstag, March 24th, 2020



September 17, 2019

InTraCoM GmbH has already received two awards from various magazines of different disciplines in 2019. Now six more are added.

"regarding our public perception, we were very surprised by 2019 ourselves," says CEO Dr. Dierk-Oliver Kiehne. So far, InTraCoM GmbH, headquart...

July 15, 2019

In statistics it is known as "the law of large numbers": the larger the reference quantity, the smaller the differences, individual outliers disappear in the mass, deviations disappear in a background noise. A new study examines the relationships between the number of...

June 28, 2019

The topics of sustainability, climate neutrality, ethical principles and fair dealings with employees, customers and suppliers are the current major topics. In order to determine to what extent a company follows these principles, so-called ESG ratings of companies are...

April 24, 2019

Especially Quantitative Analysts from banks, investment companies or financial services providers are looking for uncorrelated, alternative data, especially when it comes to assess technical values and the potential of technical companies. The extent to which patent va...

March 7, 2019

2018 was a very successful year for InTraCoM GmbH. "After many new customers, new projects and a lot of challenging new projects, we won five awards at the same time, and that completely unexpectedly," says Dr. Dierk-Oliver Kiehne, Managing Director of InTraCoM. And ac...

January 21, 2019

At the 161st "Hedgework" event in Frankfurt this question was discussed. And what forecasts for the future can be derived from it.

Watch the video interview with Prof. Zagos:

Those who invest in their patent portfolio document...

January 3, 2019

Characteristics that are significantly important in a patent valuation.

1. Missing blocking effect

Although alternative inventions serve to broaden a protective fence if other technologies or processes with similar functionality have already been patented, in general inv...

September 10, 2018

InTraCoM Group valuates inventions, single patents, patent families and even corporate patent portfolios qualitatively as well as monetarily. With its valuation and analysis method it is one of the world leading companies for many years already. 

On the occastion o...

July 2, 2018

At the Global IP Finance Conference in Seoul/Korea June 29th 2018 InTraCoM GmbH introduced the new ways and procedures for Patent Valuation in different financing scenarios.

Korea is a known worldwide pioneer in using patents as collateral and as an instrument in genera...

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Qualcomm is undervalued – Broadcom wants to buy the competitor for $130 billion

November 8, 2017

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