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NEW FREE WEBINAR: Financing wanted? Increase enterprise value through patent valuation.

According to a recent study by Ocean Tomo in 2020, 90% of the value of a company today consists of intangible assets. This includes, for example, patents and utility models, which are still the most tangibles assets among the intangible assets: They are leadable, licensable or sellable.

However, determining the value of intangible assets isn't a simple undertaking at all.

This webinar will present the basics of valuation, especially of patents, including 4 different methodological approaches. Using real case studies, the methods of "license analogy" (to estimate a potential value) and "indicator-based market value analogy" (to estimate a current fair value or liquidation value) will be presented.

This free webinar is a MUST for companies holding or applying for patents and/or utility models, for inventors thinking about selling their patents, for start-ups considering equity financing or for investors thinking about using patents as collateral.

Save the date: Thursday, January 28th 2021

3 pm CET

Please register here the webinar is free of charge!


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